Hamlet. It Doesn’t End Well. Winners, Losers, and Why.

(Read all the way to the end for a joke at the expense of a good friend and her dog.)



Planet of the Talking Apes: The Dawn of Language

This is a school project where I put together my love of language, my love of animals, and my love of animal behavior. Since writing the paper, I have read some articles suggesting that non-human animals are even closer to language than previously thought. Please do share any comments you have, I am always trying to learn more in this area! Enjoy!

Hello world!

Hello everyone,

Here is a teenage girl’s blog filled with writing, pictures, science, poetry, music, and just generally things that I think are awesome. Life is filled with lots of new and exciting experiences, and so this blog is a way of sharing some of mine with the world.

I love writing, I love creating art, I love science, and I love music – and if you’re checking out my site, I hope you do too! And most of all, I hope you find something new and exciting that just makes you smile.

Have a great happy day everyday!